When I first started my weight loss journey I was not all that interested in going to the gym. I had two kids at home and really did not want to be around a bunch of people while I was trying to exercise. I needed to find a workout that I could do at home. I actually started off with doing a game on the WII called WII Cheer. It is super fun if you get a chance to pick it up. I then moved onto several beach body programs. This list does not include all of the at home workouts that I have tried. However I just wanted to talk about the best and the worst of them. This is only my opinion of course.

P9OX (BEST)-The original. This program is a 90 day program with a mixture of strength training and cardio workouts. I purchased the base program and that only includes the DVD set and the nutrition plan. You will need some dumbbells, a resistance band and a pull up bar that can be hung in a doorway. I got absolutely the BEST results with this program. I gained muscle mass, toned up some problem areas and felt really accomplished that I completed the 90 days. It was difficult and I have never been able to repeat for another 90 day round just because it is really a huge time and body commitment. I did the lean version of the program which is for weight loss or if you do not want to “bulk up”. I lost about 20 pounds but that does not even compare to how my body looked. I had actual AB muscles showing and biceps that had me saying wow. The production on the DVDs is not flashy. There is an almost grainy quality about them and the music is minimalistic. I would definitely recommend the program even to a beginner. I did not follow the meal plan. I followed a low carb diet. I can imagine that my results may have been even better if I had followed the meal plan however I can not complain. The only workout in the program that I did not enjoy was Plyometrics. This workout requires a lot of jumping and I just was not into it. Other than that this program definitely ranks as one of my favorite at home workouts.

TURBO JAM/TURBO FIRE (BEST)-Someone actually gave me the Turbo Jam workouts at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun they were. The workouts are a combination of kick boxing and dancing. The music in Turbo Jam is a little dated and corny but the workouts will kick your butt with the high intensity of the routines. Chalene Johnson is the instructor/creator and her energy is infectious and she really makes you want to keep going. You can do a 30 min workout and really work up a sweat. Turbo Fire is actually a kind of revamp of Turbo Jam and it is AWESOME!  The music is a mix of 80s and 90s jams set to a techno beat. The music in the workout program is really important to me because it keeps me motivated and energetic throughout the workout. All of the workouts are high energy and super fun. The workouts are still a mixture of kickboxing and dancing. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who loves to dance and wants to kick their workouts up a notch. They claim the workouts burn like 9x the fat and I have to admit I got super lean doing these workouts. The workouts range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. There is a 20 min core DVD and also a strength training DVD that you use a resistance band with. I could not help but think that Chalene and her friends did not get their physiques by doing these workouts alone. I could be wrong but I suspect they are doing some serious weight lifting in the gym to get in the kind of shape that they are in. Everyone looks amazing and that makes you want to work that much harder. The whole program is AMAZING and you would not regret the purchase.

HIP HOP ABS/CIZE (JUST OKAY)- I will start with Hip Hop Abs. I did not like this workout program however I have to admit I did not give it much of a chance. Something about Shawn T the instructor/creator irritates me. I am sure that if you love Shawn T you will love this workout but for me…I just can’t. As for CIZE, I had seen a bunch of infomercials about this program and I always wanted to dance like someone from a hip hop video. So I bought this program even though it was a Shawn T workout. Once again though Shawn T is just too much for me. The dance routines seemed okay even though I only tried it once. It was easy enough for my 9-year-old daughter to do it with me and she seemed to enjoy it. The music in the workouts is supposed to be based on some current hits. Honestly I could not recognize any of the songs and they were a little corny sounding. Now this program is sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I believe the entrie program cost about 60 dollars and does include a meal plan which I have to admit I did not even look at.

WHEW! This was kind of long so I am going to rank/ talk about Insanity, Zumba, Chalene Extreme and Brazilian  Butt Lift in my next post. Stay Tuned !



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