13340415-illustration-of-a-family-exercising-together-stock-illustration-family-cartoon-exerciseThese workouts are being brought to you by my children. I was a lazy child and I won’t say that my children inherited the “lazy’ gene from me but I wouldn’t call them the most naturally active kids around. This day and age with all the electronics and game systems it is tough to get your kids outside and keep them active. Even though we all have busy schedules nothing is more important that spending extra time to make sure your family is healthy inside and out. I hope you enjoy and incorporate some of these “workouts” into your family life.

  • YOGA- Yoga is a very kid friendly workout if you didn’t know. Using only moves that are gentle on the body and yoga can be done inside as well as outside. Nothing is more enjoyable to a child than to go outside and roll around especially if they have a slightly less coordinated adult doing it with them. I love Cosmic Yoga Kids. Not only do they have a website but they have videos all over YouTube. Check them out for all the yoga workouts you can imagine and don’t be afraid to take this yoga workout outside to get some sunshine !Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • WALK THE BLOCK- I know it sounds simple or maybe even a little boring but take your kids for a walk. Go for a walk around the neighborhood on a sunny day or even take them for a walk in the park. Use these walking outings for not only exercise but to also have conversations with your children that maybe your busy schedule hasn’t allowed. Ask them about what has been going on in school or just check in to make sure everything is going okay with them. Before you know it you will have walked a mile or two just talking and enjoying each others company.
  • RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT- I am definitely showing my age but who remembers “Red Light Green Light” and “Tag”? These outside games are the best at getting kids to exercise. While you are at the park take a moment out to play a game of Tag or Red Light Green Light to get them sprinting around and before you  know it they will be doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) without even knowing it. This is a great little workout that to most children would only appear to be a fun and games.
  • DANCE MANIA-Most children just want to spend quality time with their parents and it doesn’t matter so much what you do.  Try spending that quality time dancing around the living room. Turn on some tunes and dance till you drop. Encourage your kids to show you their moves or even choreograph a dance together. If you can’t dance that’s okay because the important thing here is to laugh and have a good time while exercising. If you have some video games like “Dance Dance Revolution” this could be a way to get some exercise in and still have a blast. Personal favorite is “WII Cheer” on the WII U. Actually all the WII U/WII Fit games can go along way to keeping your family active.
  • OUTSIDE SPORTS DAY-A lot of children play sports but for those that don’t because they are stuck to the TV or video games try having a Family Sports Day. Gather up whatever sports equipment you have (baseballs, bats, basketball, kickball, tennis balls and rackets etc) and take them to the park for a fun-filled day of learning about all the sports they could play.

I hope that you are able to use some of these ideas to help your children become more active or even use your children and family to keep you motivated and active on your weight loss journey. Nothing is better than having a healthy and happy family to cheer you on.


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