pic-of-eating There is so much going on in life and the world but I wanted to come back and give you all some of my favorite hacks for getting back on track. These hacks will hopefully help you get back on track with your diet. Some of these tips can even help you get back on track with life in general. Enjoy !

  • THROW IT OUT-If you have been off your diet or lifestyle change and still have some of the offending junk food hanging around your fridge or pantry, go ahead and throw it out now. All of it. Don’t leave one snack behind. It will be impossible to start fresh with all the tempting junk food hanging around. Think of it this way. You never should have bought it and maybe that will make you feel better about throwing it out. Even better maybe donate the food to a food bank or shelter.
  • HYDRATE-If you have gained weight during your fall off the wagon it is most likely water weight. If you have been off the wagon longer than a week or so those extra pounds may actually be extra chub but don’t fear you can get back on track and it all starts with HYDRATING. Drink your weight in water and pee pee all day long. This will go a long way in riding the body of toxins from the crap food and any water weight that you have been holding onto.
  • AMP IT UP-Kick your workouts up a notch. Not only for your body and to burn any excess pounds that you may have put on. But also for your mind. It is a great release and motivator to complete a kick but workout. You can literally feel the pounds melting away when you complete a really sweaty workout. Commit to working out everyday when getting back on track. Even if it is just a power walk around the neighborhood.
  • FAST-I like to EAT! so a true fast is not for me. However when I have had a bad week or weekend where I haven’t been exactly true to my diet, I like to switch it up and do something like Two Shakes and a Meal. I will choose my favorite low carb shake and have two of those a day with a healthy breakfast or a healthy dinner. I like to do something to shock my system to detoxify and get my body back into fat burning mode.
  • STAY AWAY FROM THE SCALE-Don’t way yourself immediately after you have finished a week-long binge on donuts and Doritos. It will almost always lead to depression and disappointment. I instead recommend following the points above first for about a week. Then jump on the scale to see where you are at. I can almost guarantee you will see a much better number once you have sweated it out and let go of some of the offending water weight.
  • EASE INTO IT-Maybe you have been off diet for longer than a week or a month. If that is the case you really should ease back into the living healthy lifestyle. That way you will be more likely to stick to it. Try replacing two of your meals a day with something really healthy and clean. Try a healthy salad full of green veggies and lean meat for lunch or a sumptuous breakfast of blueberries with steel-cut oats for breakfast. Sometimes it is the small changes over time that count and will help you stay on diet for the long haul.
  • DISTRACTION-Find something else to do with your time. Spend the day out with your children exploring the local park, go on a hike, read a book. Do anything other than living your life controlled by food. You will feel so much better that you occupied your time with something else other than sabotaging your body.
  • NO NEGATIVITY ZONE-Let the negativity go. If there are some less than positive things going on in your life, try not to let those things affect your diet. Which is difficult if you are a person who is known to stress eat. If prayer is something that has worked for you I definitely recommend it. Sometimes we need more than self-control to overcome some difficult things going on in our life. If you don’t confront the larger issues that have an effect on your behavior it can make it more difficult to change your life permanently.

I hope that these little “hacks” help someone to get back on track who is really finding it difficult. This list isn’t the end all of getting back on track. I could go on forever about the subject. However this is a good jumping off point. I guarantee if you follow these points you will be well on your way to putting that little bump in the road in the past where it belongs. Good Luck !

The Benefits of Fasting


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