IMG_4216Hello to all those who follow this blog. I haven’t written in a while and it is only because I have been super busy… ya know…living. I definitely am not stressing out over losing weight anymore. I still have my goal weight in mind. I am back to my pre-preggo weight and that is not or no where near my goal weigh hehe. However as I get older I realize that it is important to be a little kinder to myself. Not every pound is life or death. Not every day missed at the gym is going to ruin my life. I still work out, just maybe now I will play a game of WII sports or WII Cheer with my daughter for an hour or two and I’m good. I am still fanatic about what I eat. I figure if I’m not going to workout hard everyday I can at least keep my diet as healthy as possible. People who know me know that I rarely if ever slip up on my diet/WOE. I know that I will get back to the heavy lifting in the gym one of these days but right now I am just enjoying kicking back, enjoying life and not stressin it ! here is pic of me and my fake smile. Smokin hot I say lol


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