The Best Low Carb Tips and Tricks!

diets_lowcarbOkay so I am not currently on a low carb diet however I did use low carb to lose 120 pounds ! Along the way I picked up some rules to live by while low carbing. Enjoy !

  • Avoid all SUGAR (sounds simple right ? Actually it’s kinda tough. When you are first starting low carb you want to get deep into fat burning mode and the only way to do that is eliminating all sugar. Unfortunately sugar can be found in almost everything..sigh. Bacon, salad dressings , condiments like ketchup, gum, “sugar free candies” these items are gonna be your likely offenders when it comes to hidden sugars. Check the ingredients list for things like corn syrup ,agave nectar , corn sweeteners, dehydrated cane juice, fructose, saccharose etc.. Do your research and read those labels!)
  • Be Boring (When you first start lowcarb you kind of want your menu to be a little boring. What I mean is that you want to pick a couple of basic menu items and stick to them at least for the first 2 weeks to a month. For example eggs and bacon in the morning, Ceasar salad for lunch with no croutons and some chicken with broccoli for dinner. Very simple and very effective for keeping your carb counts low. Too much menu variety with excessive ingredients could find your carb counts skyrocketing and your weightloss stalling right out the gate)
  • Pick up the book (so often I see people trying to wing low carb. This isn’t a diet just to jump into vicariously. You will need to do your research and preferably pick a plan to follow ; whether that is South Beach, Primal, Atkins etc. Pick up the book, read it, follow it and you will have success)
  • Count All Carbs (if you have chosen the Atkins new diet revolution you are advised to only count “net carbs”. The problem is that “net carbs” isn’t an actual thing , does not have a legal definition and are largely thought to be terms made up by food companies to cash in on the low carb craze. The idea is things like sugar alcohols and fiber have no impact on blood sugar and therefore don’t “count” as carbs. This is debateable since things like sugar alcohols do cause blood sugar problems in some people. I followed the Atkins 1972 version written by Dr. Atkins himself and all carbs were equal and during the first 2 weeks/induction you are to have no more than 20 total carbs! Do your research and monitor your scale closely to see which foods may be having a negative impact on your weightloss)
  • Eat your greens (although bunless burgers are really delicious you really want this diet to be a lifestyle change. You should try to make this lifestyle change as healthy as possible by including lots of green veggies like broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, spinach and yummy leafy salads into your diet. Your body and tummy will thank you for it by keeping your bowels moving and your heart healthy)
  • Write It Down ( Dont try to be a mathematician and keep all the numbers in your head. Either use a journal or an app like my fitness pal to track your meals and carb counts. Carbs add up fast especially when you are adding a lot of non “meat” items to your diet. It’s very important to track so you can find the optimal level of carbs that keep you in fat burning mode and losing weight)

Well that’s all for now however there may be a part two to this in the near future. Do you have any good tips I haven’t thought of?  See the references below for even more information behind these tips.

The Most Common Low Carb Misconception

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Vegan life day 2 & artificial sweeteners 

Today marks day 2 of the vegan life. It isn’t horrible because I love veggies however I am pretty sure I am not getting enough calories in .. Sigh. When your diet consist of mostly veggies and fruit you really have to eat a lot ! I’m learning but as of right now my diet mainly consists of a protein shake in the morning, a lot of veggies for lunch and a huge salad with veggies for dinner. I really need to come up with a good menu going forward however I am really busy at the moment. As soon as I have a free moment I’m really going to sit down and figure out my calories and plan a menu. I know how important it is to get enough to eat because going into “starvation mode” could really derail my progress.

Now onto artificial sweeteners. The bane of my existence This has been one thing I haven’t been able to completely eliminate from my diet. I use Splenda pretty regularly in my coffee and I use it liberally. I use about 3-4 Splenda in each cup of coffee and I usually have about 2 cups of coffee. I am going to make it a goal over the next month to try to dial my Splenda usage back to about 1 per cup of coffee. That’s the best I can do. I know artificial sweeteners are not good for you at all so that is my main reason for giving them up. I really want to move mine and my family’s diet to more natural and organic foods. I just know that all the chemicals and junk in processed food isn’t good for anyone and I want to feed my family especially my children the best food possible. Join me on this chemical free journey. I’m hoping to start a Facebook page/group just dedicated to healthy living and fitness. I will keep you posted ! The picture is of my lunch sweet potato stir fry with spinach and mixed veggies #nomnom

Finding balance

After having a baby three months ago I wanted to jump right back into dieting and getting the weight off! Unfortunately my body has had other plans. Juggling a job as a 911 Dispatcher and getting adequate rest with a new baby has definitely been a tad difficult to say the least. My body has proved resistant to weightloss this go round. I am determined to be patient and focus on adjusting to being a new mommy again. These are tiring and exhausting times, but I couldn’t feel more blessed to have my little family. Working as a 911 Dispatcher gives a new meaning to a sedentary job. I usually sit for a total of 10 1/2 hours during a 12 shift. I swear I am gaining weight as I am sitting there. I have committed myself to going to the gym at least 3 times a week and up until today I was following a low carb diet. I’m still searching for balance. Making sure I am giving everyone in my family the time they need and deserve but also making sure I am the healthiest me I can be. I have told myself that this time around I am not going to beat myself up about not losing weight or missing the gym. I have two little daughters watching me and I want them to have a positive body image no matter what thier weight is. Loving yourself and accepting your body because God doesn’t make mistakes. That’s what I tell my daughter all the time. Patience is all I need and the rest will fall into place. The picture is actually me many moons ago and me about 2 years ago. It reminds me of how far I have come and what I can do when I put my mind to it. Blogger   #weightloss #motivation 

Revisiting the past

imageWelcome to all who read this. Welcome to those who are struggling with their weight or something else in thier life. Almost 8 years ago I lost 120 pounds! Very proud of my journey and the magnitude of my accomplishment astounds me. I was able to accomplish this weightloss with exercise and a low carb diet. I started off very simply playing on my WII and not consuming over 20 carbs a day. It was easy cutting out sugar and fast food. I had reached 30 years old and I was ready for a change. The weight melted off and by 2012 I was 119 pounds! Wow ! Let’s fast forward about 4 years to the present and I am back battling the bulge after a pregnancy. I feel eternally blessed to have my new baby daughter and my other two children as well. However the weight that was left behind has me frowning every time I look in the mirror. I definitely don’t feel like the healthiest version of me. I am about 3 months postpartum and I am ready to attack my weightloss goal. I’m trying not to put a number on my weightloss at the moment because I really want to go based on how I feel. I would love for anyone who is going through a similar journey to join me. So we can be the healthiest version of ourselves for 2017!

First blog post


I am starting this blog to motivate myself and others and also to keep myself accountable. This blog will be mostly about weightloss but it will also be about my life, my family and what we are all going through while we try to live the most virtuous and happy lives as possible. First and foremost all is possible through the Lord Almighty !